Enforce english documentations on Microsoft Docs

Picture: Microsoft

Enforce english documentations on Microsoft Docs

Microsoft translates the texts of its documentations by machines - and often this unfortunately still ends in total gibberish.

But especially for developer documentations an understandable way of technical expression is very important - which is why many developers from all over the world simply want to read the English documentation instead of a bad local translation.

For a while there was a possibility that the Microsoft Docs would always show the english version - but unfortunately this was removed. And so there is currently a state that there is no possibility that always the English version is displayed. A real mess.

The only possibility is to use the US-Slug in the URL.


manual change to


...but who wants to adjust the URL manually all the time?


Thank god other developers were already annoyed by manual redirects and wrote browser plugins that do this automatically.

One of them is suitable for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge: Redirector.
Automatic redirects can be configured using Regex.


Description: Microsoft Docs English Example URL: https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/aspnet Pattern: https://docs.microsoft.com/\w\w-\w\w/(.*) https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/$1

This pattern always redirects to the US English variant.