Welcome 2020

Welcome 2020

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

I hope everybody started the new year restful, with joy and health!

2020 Todo List

For the new year I have a lot of plans, both for my private and professional life as well as for the community.

I am convinced that this year will change my professional life: the topic of IoT will become more important.

Even if the economy is weakening somewhat, the need for IoT in the mechanical engineering, agricultural and facility management sectors is becoming increasingly important. These are therefore the topics I would like to and will intensify this year in connection with Azure, Azure IoT, hybrid environments and .NET.

The fact that I am using Azure is because AWS and Google are still not accepted by companies in the German speaking countries for B2B projects, although they offer alternatives and also good solutions for certain things.

Microsoft still remains the number 1 choice and the companies' partner.


Since many many weeks, with many lines of code (~30.000) I am in the process of bringing the biggest German C# forum myCSharp.de to Azure, ASP.NET Core and .NET Core. Currently this forum is still based on a very old PHP code and MySQL - time to change the platform.
This is planned for the first half of 2020, when Azure will make the German locations accessible for everyone.

At the moment I am already in the middle of planning with Max and Tom for the upcoming Azure Saturday 2020 in Munich; the fourth edition already. We are planning again about 30 talks for about 500 participants.
In order to run the whole event free of charge for all participants, sponsors are necessary - we are talking about a nice car as a cost factor. Therefore we have very open ears for sponsors :-)

In April another Global Azure Bootcamp starts, but this time under the name "Global Azure".
We with the Azure Usergroup Stuttgart will be holding our local event on April 25th in the spirit of Handon Workshops.
We are currently looking for sponsors for a suitable location!

Talks at conferences and in user groups are also on the agenda again this year. Just follow me on Twitter to know where I am :-)