Microsoft MVP Award 2018-2019

Microsoft MVP Award 2018-2019

I am proud to announce that I was once again named as Microsoft MVP in the category Visual Studio and Development Technologies! This is my 4th award since 2015 - and my 4th in a row.

The Award

The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award for the valuable community work, especially in the Microsoft environment. The Microsoft MVP award comes with benefits, like a free MSDN subscription, Azure Benefits, NDA access to the Product Groups - and I am also allowed to attend to the yearly Microsoft MVP Summit on the camus in Redmond, Seattle.

There are currently around 3000 MVPs worldwide, with around 100 MVPs in Germany.


At this point I would like to thank my companions -especially Max Melcher and Mike Kaufmann, as well to the Alegri, which allow me to do this in this form or actively support me in this. I would also like to thank all readers, listeners and visitors of my blog, lectures and events.

Last but not least, I also thank Microsoft for the award and recognition of my work! Thank you!