Custom GitHub Pull Request Templates

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Custom GitHub Pull Request Templates

For some time now, GitHub has offered the possibility to create custom pr templates, so that a kind of template is automatically embedded in the editor when creating.

But one variant has always worked so far: a single template in the root directory of the repository: for this purpose the file "" must be created and checked in directly in the main directory. As an example you can use the following content.

## Description

## Related Issue(s)

## How Has This Been Tested?

* [ ] Have you added an explanation of what your changes do and why you'd like us to include them?
* [ ] Have you written new tests for your core changes, as applicable?
* [ ] Have you successfully ran tests with your changes locally?

## Screenshots (if appropriate):

Afterwards the contents of the file are displayed in the pull reqest creator editor in the description text area - incl. Markdown support.